VMP - Race #3 6-15-19
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 Billet Atomizer Racing Injectors

Mother Nature finally gave us a great weekend at VMP.

Tyler Crossnoe and his crew gave us an outstanding track Saturday. With track temps near 125 degrees we had cars on the back bumper.

We had 20 cars make the trip to VMP for our 1st outing there. Two new Warriors joined the team at this event. Tom Kadar and his turbo powered 94 Firebird and Jesse Collier's wild 67 turbo powered El Camino.

We had the final from our Mason Dixon race with Mike Gerber's nitrous powered S-10 truck taking the win over James Smith's nitrous powered Mustang - 4.41 to 4.47.

Qualifying was led by Ralph Hardesty's beautiful 67 Procharged Nova with a run of 4.37 @ 169 mph, followed by Mike Gerber's run of 4.41 @ 169 mph, and James Smith's run of 4.47 @ 162 mph. Jack Pumphrey's nitrous powered 65 GTO was at the top of the field in Class II with 4.65 followed by Tony Oliveira's Procharged 69 GTO at 4.70.

In eliminations, the winner was James and Crystal's 2000 nitrous powered Mustang on a single when Ralph Hardesty's solenoid stopped working. James singled to a run of 4.38. It would have been a great final because in eliminations, Ralph ran 4.38 and 4.40.

In our Class II battle, Jack Pumphrey's 65 GTO won over Tony Oliveira's 69 GTO 4.61 to 4.62 in one of the closest races of the day. Jack has the bragging rights in the Pontiac group.

Mike Gerber keeps his points lead with 174 points followed closely by James Smith's 161 points.

We would like to mention the efforts of Dan Whetstine and Tim Essick trying to get Dan's Mustang ready after his crash at Mason Dixon on May 11. They simply ran out of time after spending many late nights in the garage. Thanks Dan and Tim for your commitment to the Warriors.

New Warrior Harry Troxler wanted me to relay how much he appreciated other Warriors helping him out at VMP. He's learning that this is what the Warriors are all about.

We would like to thank VMP again for their support for our 3rd Battle of the Year.

Our next battle is at MDIR Jet Wars race on July 13. This will be the Lucy Mack Memorial race for us. It was one year ago that we lost our sweet fur baby on the way to MDIR.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at MDIR in July!!