Race #5 Capitol Raceway

The Final Showdown

The Warriors Outlaw Race Team's 6th year came to an end and what an exciting end it was. We had 21 Warriors that were ready for some action and action they gave us!

Two new members came to battle with us. Frank Saponaro and his street driven 4-second Nova Station Wagon and Mitch George driving Jack Boer's beautiful Monte Carlo. We also welcomed back Dan Whetstine and his OL275 Mustang and Kevin Ashley's Pro Charged El Camino.

The final race came down to 2 Warriors with a chance to see who would be the Last Warrior Standing. James Houston and his '64 Ford Fairlane and Craig Buscio's '62 Nova. It was decided in the 1st round when James won his battle and Craig lost his. Congratulations to James on another championship - his 3rd. I have to thank James and Kenny for their support as this is the 6th year that they have not missed a Warrior race!

Qualifying Order

#1 Craig Buscio BBC Nitrous '62 Nova 4.592
#2 Dan Whetstine SBF Pro Charged '91 Mustang 4.594
#3 Joann Feliciano BBC Nitrous '72 Nova 4.609
#4 James Houston N/A BBF '64 Fairlane 4.685
#5 Keith Brandt BBC Nitrous '68 Camaro 4.720
#6 Vince Fourcade BBC Nitrous '84 Mustang 4.732
#7 Joe Serviss BBC Nitrous '67 Nova 4.743
#8 Erik Vandrew BBC Blown '70 Z-28 4.921**
** Jason Abee Pro Charged '87 Grand Prix 4.83 broke his converter.

Craig Buscio, #1 Qualifier, received the BTM Racing bonus.

Before Round 2 started, we knew we could not finish the battle due to the hour so we decided the winner with the fastest ET would be declared the winner.

Our winner, Joann Feliciano and her Nova with her 4.60 holeshot was victorious over Dan Whetstine's 4.59 run. In the other semi-final run, James Houston's 4.67 beat Erik Vandrew's slowing 6.50 run. Congratulations to Team Feliciano for their hard fought victory win!

The second race was decided the same way and was won by Buddy Buser and his wild wheelstanding Blown '72 Camaro with a run of 4.89. Thanks to Chewey's Performance Auto for your support of this class.

The 6th year of the Warriors Outlaw Race team has come to an end. I want to thank Jim Bradshaw and his staff for providing the Warriors with an outstanding track surface all year. I had 5 racers come up to me and tell me they had their personal fastest ET's that night so that should tell you something, for sure. Jim and his crew work very hard at providing their racers with a safe, prepped track and I know the racers appreciate what you do for them.

I would also like to thank some more people who helped us with another great year. First off, my wife, Diana, for putting up with me; my daughter, Kristen and my granddaughter, Rylee - our mascot; and my son, Jason, and his daughter, Maddy, for all your help. Billy Carpenter for keeping the website and our Facebook site running smoothly. Ralph Hardesty for providing us with our neat trophies for the winner. Keith Mack, KMACK Enterprises, for the CNC-work on our trophy bases. Steve Reese, Edge of Speed, for your hard work on our flyers and all the awesome pictures of the Warriors. We truly appreciate it! Don Staib, Rising Sun Photographs, for your aerial footage and videos. And our 2016 Sponsors: Bevard & Sons, Deckers Salvage, Autofab Race Cars, Butler Tire, Chewey's Performance Auto, Superior Automotive, Custom Performance Coating, Precision Chassis Race Cars, Big Electrical Contractors, 1320 Fabrication, Fi-Con Cement Contractors, Naumann Plumbing, BTM Racing, AJO Milling, SKJ Racing, and NAPA Auto Parts, Reisterstown, MD.

Please take time and check out these great sponsors  and click on their logo. Thank you so much for your support.

Thanks to all the team crew members for all of your hard work. Thanks to all the Warriors Nation fans - you guys and gals are the greatest!!

I hope I have not forgotten anyone. Now I have to start preparing for our 2016 Awards Banquet and as soon as I am done with that task, I will let everyone know.

So, once again -- thanks for a Great Year #6!!!!!!!!