BATTLE #1 MDIR 4-14-18

The Warriors Outlaw Drag Race Team had our 1st Battle for the Belt at Maryland International Raceway "Door Wars". We had 20 Warriors on the property ready to battle, unfortunately 2 broke during testing on Friday.

Mother Nature blessed us with a beautiful, sunny, 80 degree day and MDIR had the track on point for our Battle.

Nicky Notch from Long Island, NY, and his 1979 Turbo Powered SBF was the Last Warrior Standing!!

Nicky met Mike Gerber from Vienna, VA, in his beautiful 2000 Nitrous Powered BBC Chevy S-10 truck for the LWS Belt.

Nicky's 4.47 won over Mike's 4.51; a great race. So Nicky and his crew chief, Amanda Pfister, found themselves in the Winner Circle entering their 1st race with the Warriors.

Nicky told me this was his 1st win EVER, so he receives our custom made trophy, LWS Belt, and a really nice trophy provided by MDIR. That's a pretty good package for his 1st win.

The 2nd field final will be between Butch Merson, Mt. Airy, MD, and his 1967 Turbo BBC Camaro and Bill Cole from Bel Air, MD, and his 2002 Procharged Small Block LSX Firebird.

Our next battle we will travel to Maple Grove, PA, on May 19th. This will be our 1st ever Battle for the Belt at Maple Grove and we hope to have a great turnout.

In ending, we would like to thank Royce Miller, and Rick Lindner of MDIR and the entire MDIR staff for your hard work in making our race at MDIR GREAT!!