Capitol Raceway 9-9-17

Thank you, Mother Nature, for staying on your meds and giving us a great day for our 4th Battle For The Belt of 2017. Twenty-two Warriors showed up to battle but unfortunately Henry Nooft and Scott Vants had engine problems Friday night while testing and were unable to return. We welcome a new member to the team: Mike Gerber and his beautiful 2000 S-10 pickup!

The qualifying was once again a tight field from 1-8. Brian Weddle and his big block Chevy Nitrous Powered Camaro took home the $200 Bonus sponsored by Bill Cole and his BTM Racing Team with a run of 4.49, narrowly besting Dan Whetstine and his small block Pro Charged Mustang's 4.53.

Number #1 Qualifier in the 2nd Field of 8 was James Smith and his awesome N/A Chevy Powered Mustang with a run of 4.83 which edged out Frank Saponaro's unique Chevy Turbo Powered Nova Station Wagon's run of 4.84.

Number #1 Qualifier in the 3rd Field was Mike Gerber's Chevy Nitrous Powered Chevy Pickup with a run of 5.59. Mike has some bugs to straighten out after sitting out the last 7 years. He said he'd be a Top 8 contender at the 9-30 race.

The elimination battles were battles, for sure:

Eliminations - Field 1 - Round 1
W Brian Weddle 4.52 L Tink Liptrap 10.27
W Craig Buscio 4.51 L James Houston 4.66
W Jason Abee 4.57 L Dan Whetstine 7.38
W Ralph Hardesty 4.59 L Bobby DeMilt 9.57

Field 1 - Round 2
W Craig Buscio 4.46 L Brian Weddle 4.39
W Jason Abee 4.57 L Ralph Hardesty 4.62

Field 1 - FINAL
W Craig Buscio 4.45 L Jason Abee 5.09

Congratulations to Craig Buscio - Last Warrior Standing!

Field 2 - Round 1
W James Smith 5.02 L Brandon Diemicke 5.25
W Erik Vandrew 5.16 L Bill Cole 5.52
W Doug Sones 5.07 L Frank Saponaro 6.28
W Dave Tolley 5.00 L Tony Oliveira 6.24

Field 2 - Round 2
W James Smith 4.83 L Erik Vandrew 5.07
W Doug Sones 4.99 L Dave Tolley 4.93

Field 2 - FINAL
W James Smith 4.85 L Doug Sones 4.96

Congratulations James N Crystal Smith! Thanks to Chewey's Performance Automotive for their support of this field!

Field 3 - Round 1
W Mike Gerber 5.26 L Mitch George 10.01
W Bill Ahlas 5.45 L Rick Holland 10.08

Field 3 - FINAL
W Bill Ahlas 5.33 L Mike Gerber N/T Broke

2nd win in a row for Team Ahlas! I guess we'll have to put a bounty on Bill.

I would like to give a big shout out to my wife Diana, daughter Kristen, and son Jason for all their hard work in helping me with the Warriors Outlaw Race Team.

And I have to once again thank Jim Bradshaw, John Vogel, and the entire Capitol Raceway staff for providing us one of the best professionally prepped tracks around and for your dedication to the racers and fans!!

Bobby DeMilt continues to lead in the points race with 189, followed by James Houston 170, Brian Weddle 165, Jason Abee 156, and Dan Whetstine 140. With 2 races and 6 rounds of racing left, it is shaping up to be a battle down to the last race, last round, to see who will be the Last Warrior Standing.

I want to let all the Warriors and their crews know how much I appreciate all the support you give to making the Warriors Race Team Battles some of the best racing around AND with the Best Appearing Cars on the East Coast, bar none. I know because the fans have told me you all have some beautiful, fast cars.

Next Battle is 9-30-17 at Capitol Raceway with Street Freaks 4. You better be there!!​

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