YellowBullet 2019

Well, we survived the 10th annual Yellowbullet Nationals!

Thanks to Maria and Monty Mikho for inviting us back for the 2nd year in a row. It was definitely an awesome event and all the Warriors had a great time.

Speaking of awesome, the track that Jim Halsey and Anthony Frassetto gave us all weekend was terrific!!

We want to thank all of the Warriors that raced and all of the new members and Warriors that didn't have their race cars but still came to support the team. We put on one GREAT show.

We had 6 new members race with us: Scott Bitzer, Tim Barton, Mike Serrano, Josh Mills, Ed McGuinn and Mike Johnston. Thanks for coming and joining us.

We want to thank our videographer Don Staib of Rising Sun Photography for your hard work and dedication to the Warriors. We've seen nothing but positive reaction about your videos!!

Thanks also to Lisa Dunn of Oh Shoot Photography for your support this weekend. We can't wait to see all of your photos!

And thanks to Steve Reese of Edge of Speed Photography for his support Sunday and getting the $$$ shot of Tim Barton and Scott Vants on their back bumpers.

Congratulations to Ralph Hardesty on winning the Yellowbullet Best Engineered Car award. Very well deserved!!

Congratulations to Frank Saponaro and his car for winning the $$$ for best pass on the bumper.

Looks like the Warriors won almost all of the special awards.

Let's get to the Eliminations and all I can say is WOW, what a race! The Last Warrior Standing was the team of James and Crystal Smith with their beautiful 2000 Ford Chevy Nitrous Powered Mustang taking out Willy Fair and his 2001 BBC Twin Turbo Camaro. James won with a 4.32 (personal best) when Willy's turbo said nope, I'm done. It was set up to be a great final.

James qualified #1 with a 4.36. He beat Trent George's 91 Mustang in the 1st round: 4.41 to a 4.67. 2nd round, he beat Ryan Hecox's turbo Mustang when Ryan spun at the hit with a 4.44 run.

Semi-finals: James bested Dan Whetstine's Procharged Mustang with the race of the weekend: 4.34 to Dan's losing 4.39 (personal best). Congrats to Dan and Tim Essick for their success 2 races after rebuilding their car from an accident earlier this year.

Finals: James tuned it up to beat Willy with his new personal best of 4.32. Great job Team JSC. Well deserved!

Willy Fair's road to the finals had some good luck. 1st round he beat Frank Saponaro's wild street driven 67 Nova Station Wagon with a 4.49 pass to Frank's losing 4.55 (personal best) pass. In the 2nd round, Lady Luck showed up when Mike Gerber and his Nitrous Powered S-10 truck went red and wasted his 4.40 run after Willy had problems and slowed to a 10.92.

Semi-Finals: Willy came up against Buddy Buser and his 72 1471 Blown Camaro who just beat Jason Abee on a holeshot 4.56 run. Willy won on a pedalfest 5.47 to Buddy's losing 5.87.

Finals: Willy's luck came to an end when he broke a turbo on his win over Buddy. Willy's 7.50 run came up short against James' stout 4.32.

I talked to Willy and he said he would have turned it up. Willy had Top Speed for the Warriors with 175.68mph.

In the Warriors II class, another James won Yellowbullet. James Houston and his N/A 64 Ford Fairlane beat Bill Ahlas's 62 Procharged Nova 4.71 to Bill's losing 5.05.

Yellowbullet 2019 is in the books and we're preparing for our next race Oct. 5 at MDIR's Supercharger Showdown. They will be having a Top Fuel match race with Clay Millican and Dom Lagana running over 300mph in the 1/4.

I want to thank my wife, Diana, my daughter, Kristen, her fiancé, Bruce Hershey, and Tom Brown Sr. I couldn't do this without your support.

Thanks to Greg Schriefer and Valerie and Kristen for selling 50/50 tickets in the heat.

Thanks to Bruce and Tom for manning the scales all weekend. And Kristen Mack - your work getting the cars paired up is unbelievable!

And how can I forget my #1 supporter - my wife Diana for all of her behind the scenes help in keeping my sanity.

See you at MDIR on Oct. 5th!!