BATTLE #2 at Capitol Raceway 06-16-18

We F-I-N-A-L-L-Y got to have a battle and what a battle it turned out to be!! With 25 Warriors ready to battle on this hot June day, the racers put on one of our best shows ever.

We welcomed 3 new Warriors at this race:
+ Darrell Varner and his Chevy Nitrous Powered Mustang;
+ Keith Rhea and his Ford SBF Turbo Powered Mustang; and
+ Jimmy Dolan's Ford SBF Turbo Lightning Truck.

Jimmy had some mechanical problems during Friday testing and was unable to make the race Saturday. We are pleased to have these fast cars join our team.

Cary Daniel was our #1 Qualifier with an ET of 4.528 followed by:
Mike Gerber's 4.529,
Nicky Notch's 4.552,
Joann Feliciano's 4.592,
Bobby DeMilt's 4.603,
Darrell Varner's 4.611,
Bill Cole's 4.643, and
Ryan Hecox was 8th with a 4.657. 
This is the close racing that the Warriors provide for their fans and once again, we didn't let them down through eliminations.

If you didn't already know it, everyone that shows up to race gets to race in competition. We needed 3 fields to accommodate all of our racers. Pretty unbelievable -- we had:
2 4.50 cars in the 1st field final,
2 4.60 cars in the 2nd field final, and
2 4.70 cars in the 3rd field final.

In the 1st field final, it was Joann Feliciano and her BBC Nitrous Powered 1972 Nova and Bill Cole and his LS Procharged 2002 Trans Am. Joann's car is named 1BADBITCH and she lived up to the nickname as she beat Bill with a run of 4.54 to Bill's wheelie lifting run of 6.30. In the semi's, Joann had a run of 4.53 to Bill's 4.59 to give her lane choice. Joann and her husband Ralph and daughter Sophia went back to New York with the $$$, a custom made trophy, medal, and the Last Warrior Standing belt. It was a great day for Bill and after all the struggles he had last year, it was a very satisfying day for Bill and his crew.

In the 2nd field final, it was Ralph Hardesty and his 1967 Procharged BBC Nova against Frank Saponaro and his 1967 Twin Turbo BBC grocery-getting Nova Station Wagon. Ralph beat Frank with a run of 4.67 to Frank's 3 power wheelies 5.05 sparks-flying run. The spectators definitely got their money's worth watching that final!! So Ralph, his wife Leslie and daughter Britni got the $$$, plaque, and medal to take home to Upper Marlboro, MD.

In the 3rd field final, we had Tink Liptrap's BBC Nitrous Powered 1965 Chevelle against newcomer Tommy Romeo and his BBC Nitrous Powered 1972 Nova. In the semi's, Tink had a run of 4.73 and Tommy had a run of 4.70. Tink took the win when Tommy couldn't keep his helmet from fogging up and elected not to chance anything and gave the win to Tink. Tink singled for the win and took home the $$$, plaque, and medal back to Baltimore, MD.

CONGRATULATIONS to all 3 battle winners.

Gary Shaller won the Lucky Shot $100 sponsored by Dave Chew of Chewey's Performance Automotive. The Lucky Shot was for all 25 racers that attended the race. We put their names in a basket and pulled out a name. Gary and wife Charlotte got dinner money for the ride home. Thanks to Chewey's for their support.

Another huge thanks goes out to Jim Bradshaw, his son Brian, and all the Capitol Raceway staff for their track prep on our hot race day. The Sticky Mafia held up to their name for this challenging day.

A big shout out goes to Paula Hecox, Ryan's wife, for her hard work selling the 50-50 raffle tickets. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

The Battle is over and we reload for the next battle at MDIR Jet Wars on July 14. Hope to see you there!

Nicky Notch holds on to the points lead with 106, followed by Bill Cole with 102.

July 14 can't get here soon enough.....