As Year 10 comes to an end, 2020 was quite a year to say the least.  The season didn't get started until July so it seemed like we were racing every other weekend.
Our TOP 10 is:
#1  James Smith
#2  Scott Vants
#3  Willy Fair
#4  Tim Barton
#5  Devin Yankey
#6  Butch Merson
#7  Tink Liptrap
#8  Mike Gerber
#9  James Houston
#10 Bill Cole
Our 2020 season Awards Banquet will be held at the LaFontaine Bleue in Glen Burnie, MD, on Saturday, Jan. 23, 2021.  More information will follow soon.
We would like to thank the 39 race teams that came out to support the Warriors Outlaw Drag Race Team.
We are working on our 2021 schedule with races already booked including 2 Yellowbullet Nationals (one on May 14-16 and another on Labor Day weekend) at Cecil County Dragway; Door Wars, Jet Wars, and Supercharger Showdown at Maryland International Raceway.
Hope everyone has a great holiday season!!