The Warriors Outlaw Drag Race Team was finally back on the track and ready to battle and battle we did! We had our quickest field in the 8 year history of the Warriors!!!

Bill Cole got his first ever #1 qualifying spot in his wicked 2002 Procharged TransAm with a run of 4.484 followed closely by Nicky Notch driving Jimmy Dolan's Yetti Truck with a run of 4.486 and James Houston and his N/A Fairlane was #8 at 4.579. Tony Oliveira and his beautiful '69 Procharged GTO was 9th with a run of 4.580. Newcomer Dennis Bickford and his '93 Ford Procharged Cobra was 10th at 4.593. When you have less than a tenth of a second between first and eighth it sets up for some close racing and that is exactly what we had!!

In the 1st round, we had a race decided by 3-1/2 inches when Bobby DeMilt had an .078 light and ran 4.550 to beat Dan Whetstine's .130 light and a run of 4.499. That is one thousandth of a second at the stripe!!

We want to give the fans close side by side racing and that is exactly what we provided. Rounding out the rest of the 1st field in the 1st round:

- Wayne Gopshes' 4.661 defeated Nicky Notch who rolled the beams.
- Bill Cole's 4.559 defeated James Houston's 4.572.
- Mike Gerber's 4.460 defeated Ralph Hardesty's 6.864.

1st round, 2nd field:

- Bill Ahlas's 5.120 defeated Tony Oliveira's giant 9.02 wheelstand.
- Scott Vants' 4.616 defeated Tink Liptrap's 4.654. Both racers had identical .079 reaction times.
- Dennis Bickford's 5.101 defeated Trent George's 7.756.
- Buddy Buser's 4.734 defeated Joann Feliciano's 12.57.

2nd round, 1st field:

- Bill Cole defeated Mike Gerber 
- Bobby DeMilt defeated Wayne Gopshes

2nd round, 2nd field:

- Scott Vants defeated Bill Ahlas
- Dennis Bickford defeated Buddy Buser

Final, 1st field:

Bobby DeMilt defeated Bill Cole

Final, 2nd field:

Scott Vants defeated Dennis Bickford (both ran 4.629)

Congratulations to Bobby DeMilt for being the Last Warrior Standing and he gets the LWS Belt to defend at our last race on October 20 at Cecil County Dragway.

Congratulations to Scott Vants and his son Scott on their hard fought 1st victory!

Speaking of our last race, it will decide our 2018 Champion! Look at the top 3 in the points standings:

#1 Mike Gerber with 217 points
#2 Bill Cole with 214 points
#3 Nicky Notch with 203 points

So once again we have a Championship Battle coming down to the last race of the year!

There is also a battle with numerous Warriors battling to get in the top 10 in points. We can't wait for the Cecil County Battle to begin.

We want to take this time to give a huge thanks to Royce Miller and his team at Maryland International Raceway. It is always a pleasure to race at this great track. His hospitality is much appreciated. We will see them at the World Cup in a few weeks for the brand new class of Warriors versus Tres Quatro.

In closing, we hope to see many of our fans at Cecil County Dragway Oct 20 for what could be the Battle of the Century!