Battle #3 MDIR Jet Wars 07-14-2018

We had 22 Warriors show up to battle the heat and Battle for the Belt at MDIR. I want to personally thank each member of each team for putting on a great show in these extreme conditions.

Thanks to MDIR for all their effort in providing us with a great track with track temps at 130 degrees.

Once again, we had the Lucky Shot sponsored by Dave Chew of Chewey's Performance Automotive of Mt. Airy, MD. Bill Ahlas's name was drawn and the $100 was his! Every racer that attends a race gets a crack at winning. Thanks again to Chewey's for your support.

Now let's get down to the action and there was plenty of that.

Nicky Notch and his SBF Turbo Powered Mustang was the #1 qualifier with a run of 4.526. Ryan Hecox held the bump spot at 4.74. Cars 1-5 were separated by 6/100's. As usual, we have some of the closest racing around!

1st Round:
W Nicky Notch 4.54
L Ryan Hecox 5.17

W Ralph Hardesty 4.49
L Dan Whetstine 4.57

W Bill Cole 5.05
L Frank Saponaro 4.76 (red light)

W Mike Gerber 4.52
L James Houston 4.62

2nd Round:
W Nicky Notch 4.49
L Ralph Hardesty 4.52

W Mike Gerber 4.51
L Bill Cole 4.69

Final Round:
A great race for sure between Nicky Notch and his X275 tire and Mike Gerber and his 10.5 tire Nitrous Powered BBC Chevy S-10 truck. The light turns green and Nicky carries the front wheels to the 330 but gets really close to the wall and has to lift and Mike Gerber's great run of 4.45 takes the win.

After 3 battles we have had a radial and slick tire car in all the finals with the slicks taking a 2-1 lead. Who says slicks and radials can't get along!!

Team Gerber takes home to Vienna, VA the $$$, the Last Warrior Standing Belt, and the Warriors special trophy and medal. A great job, for sure. But we are not done....

In the 2nd field of 8, Keith Rhea of Derry, PA, and his 04 SBF Turbo X275 equipped Mustang defeated Scott Vants of Spotsylvania, VA, and his 68 BBC Nitrous 10.5 slick equipped Camaro with Keith's 4.80 defeating Scott's 4.93. Team Rhea gets the $$$, plaque and medal.

In the 3rd field of 8, Gary Shaller of Colara, MD, and his Nitrous BBC radial equipped 63 Impala defeated Trent George of Middletown, VA, and his 91 Camaro radial equipped Nitrous Small Block Chevy with Gary's 5.07 to Trent's 5.35. Team Shaller gets the $$$, plaque and medal. Good job Team Shaller!

We would like to thank Royce Miller and his staff at MDIR for your support and hard work attending to the track for us. And the tower suite was a big hit watching the Jet Cars and the rest of the show. Can't wait for the SuperCharger Showdown on October 6th for our championship deciding race.

Our next Battle for the Belt will be at Capitol Raceway on August 4th and we know Jim Bradshaw will have the track on kill for us! See ya there.....