Capitol Raceway 09-30-17

A cool, blustery Fall day set the stage for one of our greatest Battles for the Belt. Once again, Capitol Raceway provided us with a shoe-eating track surface. Brian Bradshaw and his crew are second to none in preparing a track for record breaking results. The Warriors appreciate your effort and dedication to the track.

The Battle began with a bang and literally ended in a bang!

We had 24 Warriors ready to battle but unfortunately, 4 got wounded before the battle began. Michael Naumann would have had a great chance in his 1970 BBC Nitrous Powered Nova; he ran a 4.51 Friday night testing when he hurt his engine in the process.

Brian Weddle was the Number 1 Qualifier with a run of 4.40 to take home the $200 bonus courtesy of Bill Cole's BTM Race Team. Congratulations Team Weddle!

Field 1:

The Battle had everyone buzzing about the awesome racing on the track from Frank Saponaro's street driven Nova Station Wagon qualifying #7 with a run of 4.64 to Dan Whetstine's Procharged SBF Mustang's run of 4.48. The action just kept coming with only 100th's separating the 4 first round winners.

Dan Whetstine's Mustang and Craig Buscio's Nitrous Powered BBC 1967 Nova set the stage for a great battle! When the green light flashed, there was #8 Qualifier Dan Whetstine on the back bumper in the left lane and Craig's Nova with a huge scoop-blowing nitrous backfire and fire but the Capitol Raceway's Safety Crew was on the scene immediately and had the fire extinguished with minimal damage to the car. Thankfully, Craig sustained no injuries. Dan's win moved him into 2nd place behind the points leader Bobby DeMilt.

With one Battle remaining on Oct. 14 at Capitol Raceway, there are 4 Warriors with a chance to be the 2017 Last Warrior Standing.

Field 1 - Round 1
W Whetstine 4.53 L Weddle 6.54
W DeMilt 4.62 L Feliciano 10.82
W Hardesty 4.52 L Saponaro 4.64
W Buscio 4.58 L Houston 4.67

Field 1 - Round 2

W Whetstine 4.48 L DeMilt 4.62
W Buscio 4.54 L Hardesty 10.92

Field 1 - FINAL

W Whetstine 5.92 L Buscio [broke]

Congratulations Dan Whetstine -- Last Warrior Standing!

Field 2

Butch Merson was the Last Warrior Standing and did it with great driving and a little luck.

In the 1st round, Butch and his 1967 BBC Turbo Powered street driven Camaro won over Doug Sones' beautiful 1967 Blown BBC Corvette with a 4.92 to Doug's 4.93. They were dead even on the tree.

In the 2nd round, Butch beat Mike Gerber's awesome 2000 Nitrous BBC S-10 Pickup 4.90 to 4.89 on a slight holeshot.

In the final, Butch was up against Tony Oliveira's beautiful 1969 Pontiac Procharged GTO. Tony redlighted with a run of 4.73 to Butch's 4.89. Luck was on Butch's side as he earned his victory.

Field 2 - Round 1

W Gerber 5.25 L Diemicke 5.28
W Merson 4.92 L Sones 4.93
W Tolley 4.79 L Smith 10.00
W Oliveira 4.77 L Pumphrey 5.28

Field 2 - Round 2

W Oliveira 4.77 L Tolley 4.93
W Merson 4.90* L Gerber 4.89

Field 2 - FINAL

W Merson 4.89 L Oliveira 4.73**


Congratulations Butch Merson -- Last Warrior Standing!
Special thanks again to Chewey's Performance Automotive for support of this class.

Field 3

Henry Nooft and his 1972 Blown BBC Vega was victorious over Tink Liptrap's 1965 Nitrous Powered BBC Chevelle with a run of 7.26 (pedaling) over Tink's 11.67.

Field 3 Results

W Liptrap 4.68 L Buser [broke]
W Nooft 6.34 L Ahlas [broke]

W Nooft 7.26 L Liptrap 11.67

Congratulations to Henry and Jeff Nooft -- Last Warrior Standing!

I can't wait for our 2017 Championship Last Warrior Standing race on Oct. 14. It is going to be one you don't want to miss.

Special thanks again to Jim Bradshaw and his Capitol Raceway staff for their support.

And last but not least,thank you to my wife and partner Diana and my daughter Kristen for all your support!

See you on the Hill on the 14th!!!

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