In a effort to keep the racing competitive the Warriors Race team utilizes what we call a   "2 Tenth Rule"

At the end of final qualifying no one may be .200 or more faster than the #4 qualifier. 


​If the number 4 qualifying time is 4.82 then any qualifying attempt faster than a 4.62 will be disallowed 

 1.  .400 Pro Tree heads up racing, Using a pro ladder.
 2. All NHRA & Track safety rules in effect.
 3. All cars must retain stock appearance, profiles and dimensions.  Factory roof and quarters must
 be used. Lexan windows permitted. 
 Aftermarket light weight parts limited to: Hood, Doors, Fenders, Deck  lid's and Bumpers.
 4. Back half and square tube chassis only permitted. Wheelie bars are  permitted
 5. Mufflers or inserts required on all vehicles except turbocharged  vehicles.
 6. Functioning headlights, tail lights and brake lights mandatory.
 7. 10.5W and smaller tires only, Slicks or Radials permitted.
 8. Any transmission permitted (limited to five forward gears).
 9. Stock wheelbase mandatory. Maximum wheelbase stagger 1".
 10. Lower engine containment devise (Diaper) Mandatory
 11. Intercoolers permitted with use of gasoline. Prohibited with use of  alcohol

 12. NO Davis "Profiler" traction control.
Weights are as follows:
 4 cyl. and 6 cyl No minimum weight
 Naturally Aspirated under 600ci-2400lbs 600ci - 710ci-2500lbs over  710ci-2600lbs
 Small block nitrous 2600lbs
 Small block centrifugal supercharger 2800lbs
 Small block roots blower max 14-71 2800lbs (Screw, Billet and M5  superchargers prohibted)
 Small block single turbo  3000lbs
 Small block twin turbo 88mm Max 3100lbs
 Big block Nitrous under 650ci. 2800lbs Over 650ci. 3200lbs
 Big block centrifugal supercharger 3100lbs (twin centrifugal  superchargers 3300lbs)
 Big block roots blower max 14-71 3000lbs (Screw, Billet and M5  superchargers prohibted)
 Big block single turbo max engine size 632ci. 3000lbs
 Big block twin turbo max 88mm and engine size 550ci 3300lbs
 *** Square tube chassis
  add 300lbs
*** Firewall not in stock location  add 50lbs
*** 275 or smaller tire  deduct 100lbs 

Warriors race team is a private organization. Meeting these rules DOES NOT guarantee you the right to race with the team. To become a member please contact

Larry Mack 301-502-5111